2. Symbionic

BAU / Barcelona
2019 Symbionic

Symbionic was our first encounter towards using biofeedback to produce visual data and sound. The aim of this project was to develop a co-creative performance, in which we designed masks made out of moss, so as to be able to use them as capacitive sensors.

Our objective was to establish a phisical connection with nature by creating a symbiosis between ourselves and the plants whilst interacting, creating a positive feedback exchange.

Through the stimulation of the masks, an electrical signal is sent through the plant to the Arduino, this data is recollected and translated into sound and visual art.

Our inspiration came from the structural organisation of the vegetal environment. This is because the structure of this system is modular, collaborative, distrubutive and works through a decentralised way.

We started prototyping with an arduino board and then used LilyPad to connect the sensors placed on the masks with the circuit. The sound was designed in processing using minim and minim ugens libraries.

The result was a performance that stimulated us developing further projects like Mirror Mirror, where the abstract perception of vegetal life is transformed into a physical and tangible experience.

The project was developed during the Master in “Audiovisual Innovation and Interactive Environments” at BAU in Barcelona.