MUTEK / Barcelona
Checkpoint Warehouse / Barcelona
2019 Mirror Mirror


In our practice we use technology as a means to reconnect this human experience, integrating nature into the digital age and stimulating lives in ways that were not previously possible.

We envision a future where interaction is organic and very much alive, humanity is sentient and communication among species is fluid. Through biofeedback, we can create a universal language for all living beings, in a future where we can learn how to read nature, and nature can read us.

Mirror Mirror is a project which puts in evidence the intangible reflection of nature on us, using technology as a tool to see our reflection and requestion our future. It consists of the development of a MIDI controller by the sonification of biodata to recreate an electronic musical instrument. Simultaneously there is a hidden webcam, capturing the reactions of the public and projecting it before them with time-distortion.

This is an interactive installation that works through programming and sound composition softwares. We captured electric signals sent through to the roots of the plant when a person comes into contact with it, later transforming this data into sound. Creating a co-creative musical installation. Each plant is programmed with a different note, creating infinite possibilities. 

By using the natural world to create a narrative, we invite the viewers personally to set their ego aside and realize that their bodies are just as much as part of this ecosystem as these plants are.

Considering socio-political issues such as global warming and climate change created by the economic activities of the human species, we feel it is more important than ever to pay attention to nature.

Is it for this motive that we project ourselves towards further developing Mirror Mirror towards a social environment, so as to transmit the future we envision, and to raise awareness.

The project was exhibited at:

Mutek ES, 2019, Barcelona, ES
Checkpoint Warehouse, 2019, Barcelona, ES
Art Lovers Ground, Espronceda Gallery, 2019, Barcelona, ES
Quinoa Festival, 2019, Madrid, ES

Sponsored by Bare Conductive 


Como resultado de la transformación veloz que se ha desarrollado en la humanidad desde la revolución industrial, cada vez nos alejamos más de la construcción de memorias del mundo natural. 

Utilizando la tecnología, podemos integrar la naturaleza a la era digital, reconectando y estimulando vidas de maneras que no fueron posibles anteriormente. 

Proyectamos hacia un futuro en la que la interacción es orgánica y viva, donde la humanidad es sentiente y la comunicación entre especies es fluída. Utilizando biofeedback podemos crear un lenguaje universal para todos los seres vivos, donde en un futuro podrámos aprender a leer la naturaleza, y la naturaleza nos podrá leer a nosotros. 

Mirror Mirror es un proyecto que pone en evidencia el reflejo intangible de la naturaleza sobre nosotros mismos, utilizando la tecnología como herramienta para ver nuestro reflejo y requestionar nuestro futuro

Relevamiento fotográfico de lo que fue Mirror Mirror en Quinoa Festival, Madrid, Spain: 


Relevamiento fotográfico de lo que fue Mirror Mirror en Checkpoint Warehouse, Barcelona, Spain:

Relevamiento fotográfico de lo que fue Mirror Mirror en Art Lovers Ground, Espronceda Gallery, Barcelona, Spain: