Audiovisual Projection / Berlin

Phase Space { Kuchling Galerie }

( ENG )
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Phase space is an experimental audiovisual piece portraying an inhabited environment, it is the result of an ongoing investigation towards how objects manifest themselves through their relations, in the interstitial space between the human and nonhuman.

As the performer is immersed in a virtual sound forest, a data sonification system activated through physical interaction. The format of VR simulation is used as a means to reflect on the limits and possibilities of human knowledge, scaling objects and processing dimensionality as a way to investigate the processes of the real, questioning how we define the boundaries between in and out, real and virtual.

Now more than ever is fundamental that we acknowledge how deeply interconnected we are with the space we inhabit, understanding that we are not separated entities, but part of the same eco-system. By defining new relationships with our environment we have the chance to envision new possible futures, where humans coexist with nonhuman entities, creating a new socio-cultural framework that challenges our perception of reality itself.

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