Site specific Installation / Residency: Centre for Creative Solutions / Lovinac
2020 Photo Microbial Fuel Cell

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This photo microbial fuel cell forms part of an ongoing investigation researching on possible ways of creating a more harmonious relationship with our environment.

Initiated in August 2020 as part of an artístic residency based on non-human intelligence in the Centre for Creative Solutions in Lovinac, Croatia.

Inspired by the thought of envisioning a future where nature appropriates the usage of electricity, such as humans have done- gave us the starting point towards our research on sustainable and auto sufficient electrical sources.

Drawn by the idea of being able to create electricity through photosynthesis, fascinated by the interaction and communication within the natural world brought us to discover that this mechanism is a sustainable energy source yet to be developed.

In this process, electrons are released as waste products. By harnessing and converting the excess electrons produced by the plant during this process and converting them to electricity we create what we call a Photo Microbial Fuel Cell (P-MFC), a device that converts light energy into electrical energy.