Live Performance / Montevideo

Paisaje Sonoro { Artistic Residency: PAR }

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Thoughout a month, collective member, Magdalena Hart explored the poshuman performative aspects of working with plant-biofeedback alongside choreographer, Rodolfo Opazo.

“Paisaje Sonoro” is the final a result of her our one-month residency at Par in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Here, the public was taken through space/time immersion in technological nature, creating a generative soundscape through the biodata emitted from the floral site-specific installation, based on the performers interaction.

During the residency, there were various phases to the design of the experience on a whole. 

I. Un-hierarchize the human body, reflecting upon what it means to be human habiting the natural environment. Rediscovering interaction.

II. Designing the interaction system.

III. Finding flow and order within the performance, designing the script.

IV. Designing the scenography and garments.

V. Designing the sound experience.

V. Performing and evaluating.

By ceasing and perceiving, we reflect upon what it means to be human habiting the natural environment, challenging our perception of non-human intelligences.  

We would like to thank @greenhouseorchid_ for sharing their orchids with us.

Performance: CCE, Punta del Este
2021 Paisaje Sonoro

An ecosystem represents a living system at the highest level of complexity. It is not an object, but a network of relationships, a joint evolution of systems and subsystems, in which all elements are interrelated.

The system is dynamic and it is continously correcting its instabilities. Each subsystem in nature interacts with another, nothing exists alone and nothing survives alone.

There is a continuous interrelationship of time and sequence, natural systems are not predictable, and the effect of nature is not linear, as is post-human performativity. Bodies are not simply located in particular environments, and space does not exist prior to objects, but is created as a consequence of when objects intra-act.

We are responsive to the ecosystem and we build this intertwining between discourse and matter, we celebrate and interrogate human and more than human agencies, introducing alternative narratives.