2021 Workshop : Introduction to Technological Nature, FAP

( ENG )
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We shall be dedicating three sessions towards interactive experiences and experimental narratives associated towards the natural world and digital culture. Together we shall explore the limits and possibilities between art, science and technology with the objective of creating a network of digital artists to take forward critical and transhumanist theories in practice.

We shall be using the softwares Agisoft Metashape + Unity as a speculative design tool with the objective of creating an online virtual exhibition with the results of the workshop.

Both the concepts and practices introduced in the course are innovative methods and ideas for artists and designers. By focusing the course on technological nature it brings alternative and speculative narratives towards both the art and design scene in a moment of climate emergency.

Conference / Live
2021  Reflexión y Refracción
CCE, Montevideo, Uruguay

( ES )
Dedicaremos tres jornadas a las experiencias interactivas y narrativas experimentales vinculadas al mundo natural y la cultura digital. Nos adentramos en lo híbrido, explorando los límites y posibilidades entre el arte, ciencia y tecnología con el objetivo de crear una red de artistas digitales locales que fomente el pensamiento crítico y transhumanista.

Utilizaremos los softwares Agisoft Metashape + Unity como herramienta especulativa con el fin de crear de una exhibición online para el CCE con los resultados del workshop.

2021  Introducción a la Naturaleza Tecnológica: Practicas de narraciones interactivas y 3d
CCE, Montevideo, Uruguay

Este proyecto fue exhibido en:
CCE como parte del Festival de Arte y Pensamiento, 2021, Montevideo, UY