Real-time generative interaction

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Re-investigating, re-imagining and re-formulating the duet as form in dance between the human body and technology. Opening for a multifaceted investigation into yet imaginable ways of being in relation. Cybernetics is initiated alongside performer Nona Siepmann, supported by @fondsdarstellendekuenste in which together we are exploring the ways in which digital interaction can influence our body language. 

By using generative code to augment in real-time the movement of the performer, we can establish new gestures and narratives from the way in which the dancer and the interactive system collide. 

By exploring the intersection of performative arts, sound and technology, we can create a piece that brings a new insight to an area still in development.

Using technology as a means to give sound and visualize the performers movement, synesthetic design plays a fundamental role in the composition, as it is at this point in which we can better understand and explore if it is the performer that learns to move in balance with the interactive system, or vice versa.

Inspired by Haraway’s definition of the cybernetic organism, we drew interest in the influence technology can have over our body gestures and movements, whilst also observing the influence a body can have over the interactive system itself and what expressions arise.

By observing the limits that overlap the two parts, new narratives are formed. For instance, the algorithms that establish our artificial intelligence cannot detect a human body when positioned upside down. We can translate this into binary terms as upright/human, inverted/nonhuman. This brings us to reflect upon the gestures or positions that can lead technology to categorise us as being more o less human.

Yet, what we decide to program in order to define our audiovisual narrative is down to us. Here we can decide how we want to define our values and construct our language, playing a role on how we want the system to influence and expand our binary notions of the human and more-than-human body.

Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissione for Culture and the Media within the program NEUSTART KULTUR.

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Movimiento es el comienzo de una nueva investigación junto a la intérprete Nona Siepmann en la que juntas exploramos las formas en que la interacción digital puede influir en nuestro lenguaje corporal.

Mediante el uso de un código generativo proyectado en tiempo real sobre el movimiento de la intérprete, podemos establecer nuevos gestos y narrativas a partir de la forma en que la bailarína y el sistema interactivo conviven.

Al explorar la intersección de las artes escénicas, el sonido y la tecnología, podemos crear una pieza que nos brinde una nueva perspectiva a un área aún en desarrollo.

Al utilizar la tecnología como medio para sonorizar y visualizar el movimiento de los intérpretes, el diseño sinestésico juega un papel fundamental en la composición, ya que es en este punto en el que podemos entender mejor y explorar si es el intérprete el que aprende a moverse en equilibrio con el sistema interactivo, o viceversa