Scenography Design
2020 Ars Electronica Garden Barcelona Act of Faith (Acte de Fe) - Ars Electronica, Sonar +D (ES)

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Scenography design in collaboration with Emy Rat for Act of faith (Acte de fe), performance streamed as part of the joint venture Ars Electronica and Sonar+D 2020 about AI Music.

Act of faith (Acte de Fe) is an exploration of our relationship with technology, its similarities with the one we have with religion, the tools involved in both processes, and its impact on us and in our sacred/private space. Mise-en-scène consists in a liturgy performed by Marc Vilajuana (voice, effects, hand drum), Adrià Grandia (acoustic and MIDI hurdy-gurdy, modular synth, laptop, aerophones), Carlos Martorell (coding, synths, motion sensors, artiphon) and a real-time reactive AI trained with religious scores.

Art Direction: Akyute in collaboration with Emi Rat
Curating: Ars Electronica Garden Barcelona and Sónar+D (ES)
Artists: Act of Faith (Acte de Fe) - Marc Vilajuana, Adrià Grandia, Carlos Martorell

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